School Psychologists Abroad
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School Psychologists Abroad

School Psychologists Abroad


Joyce and I will be leaving for The Billy Graham Center on August 1 for a week at the School of Spiritual Direction. We are very excited to learn. Please pray for our time over the next week.

We have seen God work in so many incredible ways in our journey to Thailand in the last year. We have made two trips to Chiang Mai, sold our house to the first person that looked at it, had several supporters generously help us start our fund raising, and seen many opportunities to share our upcoming mission journey. It is our plan to leave California, our home for the last 20 years, and to make Chiang Mai, Thailand our new home. If you are interested in finding out more about our ministry please let us know, we would love to spend time with you.

MEI_logo_wideOur sending agency is now set in place and it is Ministry Essentials international or MEi. We are thrilled to be part of an organization that focuses on the support of the missionary community. Their mission is to “join Christian leaders in their journey of faith, challenge their assumptions about life and God and inspire a fuller experience of Him.”
Our contact information:
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Bradley Trottman   –   Joyce Trottman

Brad and Joyce TrottmanOur ministry in Thailand is a support ministry to workers who are targeting unreached peoples in hard to reach places.

Our vision is to keep workers in place when their children need additional educational assessment and intervention.

We have collectively worked in education as School Psychologists over 30 years. We help children with special needs by administrating assessments to understand learning deficits and strengths as well as monitor educational growth. Additionally we help develop interventions based on children’s needs.

Joyce will be on staff at Grace International School as their school psychologist . Brad will assess home-schooled children in the region and students at various international schools. We will both be available to other international schools when requested. Please pray for our emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial needs as we go. Also pray for our family members that will miss us as we will miss them.

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The Need

The need is great when it comes to keeping workers on the field in the 10/40 window, the area of the globe with the greatest concentrations of unreached souls for Christ. In fact, a third of the earth’s population exists within a three hour plane ride of Thailand. There are many things that can disrupt a missionary’s ministry  causing them to leave their work and have to return to their country of passport. One of the primary causes of this can be the educational needs of their children. These needs include no place to get help in remote locations and few or no special education services for even mild learning difficulties. On an average 1 in 10 children will have an identifiable learning deficit and an additional number of children will simply struggle with their curriculum. Where do parents and educators go for help when they are in a remote location? Please pray for us to meet this need. It is our hope to arrive in Thailand in January 2015.

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