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School Psychologists go to southeast Asia to help Missionary children.
School Psychologist Missionaries Thailand
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Helping children with learning difficulties

Brad and Joyce Trottman have worked in the public school system in California as school psychologists. Joyce has experience as a school psychologist and a special education teacher while Brad has experience as a school psychologist as well as a district office special education administrator. Prior to their retirement they both felt the need to use their training and unique skill sets to help international Christian workers identify the learning needs of their children. Many workers that might otherwise return to their country of origin are now able to stay working in their respective country with appropriate interventions and educational tools to help their children learn at a developmentally appropriate pace using their gifts that God has given them.

The needs of children often open tender places in parents. Brad and Joyce feel a deep sense of service to enter into difficult realities that arise in families when one or more members are struggling. Educational needs provide an avenue of joining with folks as they journey, challenging the assumptions they have about life and God and inviting them to a deeper union with Him.

Brad and Joyce