Brad Trottman
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Brad Trottman

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I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my wife Joyce. I provide educational assessments to school students throughout Europe and Asia. Previously, I worked as a School Psychologist in a public High School with experience as a school district special education administrator. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) in Behavioral Studies and a minor in Biblical Studies in 1981. I attended Talbot Seminary and then Philadelphia College of Bible (now called Cairn University) with Joyce where we received our Masters degree in Christian Counseling. I then attended Azusa Pacific University completing two thirds of my Doctorate in Psychology, but made a course change to Educational Psychology. I am currently credentialed in California. It is my desire to use my experience and training in the area of educational psychology internationally to help missionary families who have children struggling to learn.

I have been married to Joyce for over 35 years, we have two adult children and one grandson and we currently reside in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is my desire to help global worker’s families by helping identify learning difficulties that their children may have. When a child has a learning problem parents are touched deeply and motivated to help them.

I believe that God has designed each of us with unique gifts that sometimes include what our culture would call a “disability”. However, if we can see a child’s uniqueness for what it has to offer in glorifying God then we may look at learning disabilities very differently. I love to see God’s design in action, I want to see Christ glorified in the way He has created them, I long to see God work. There is nothing more exciting than to see the incredible way in which Christ accomplishes His plan. I want to use my gift with children to be a part of this work.

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My Job description

I conduct online psychoeducational assessments for children with suspected learning problems who are in either a home school environment or in international schools outside the United States. Learning disabilities typically reach over 10% of all children. I will also travel to conferences and international schools in Europe and Asia where an educational psychologist is not available.