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What is involved in a typical assessment?

Once you request an assessment for your child you will be sent several forms to complete and return prior to the assessment. We will review the information and contact you to plan a testing date. If your child is being assessed in our office we request that a parent stay in proximity to their child at all times. The testing may take several hours over several days. Most children are not able to complete the assessment in a single day. Once the assessment has been completed a meeting to review preliminary findings will be held with a written report to follow within a few weeks.


We use a variety of the latest versions of assessment devices that includes the WISC-V (cognitive), WIAT-III (academic), and BRIEF-2 (executive functioning), which is our core battery. We frequently add other testing devices depending on the suspected difficulty and what we observe during the assessment sessions. Other possible testing devices or rating scales may include Conners-3 (ADHD), ABAS-3 (Adaptive), ASRS (Autism), MVPT-4 (Visual Processing), TAPS-4 (Auditory Processing), FAR (Reading), VMI (Visual Motor Integration), MASC-2 (Anxiety), and BASC-3 (Behavior). This all provides a learning profile that hopefully leads to effective intervention planning. While the assessment report will provide intervention ideas it is not an IEP. Once a child has been assessed we will go over our preliminary findings with a written report to follow within a few weeks.


How much time does it take to conduct an assessment?
Most assessments can be done in two sessions lasting several hours each depending on need. These sessions are usually done over a two day period of time.


Can the assessment be given through Skype or Face Time?
No. However, rating scales are done online prior to the assessment appointment so as much data as possible is obtained before the assessment with the child.


Can my child’s assessment be used as an official document in the United States?
Yes, we hold California credentials and if you request the written report be prepared for a US school district it can be written for that purpose.


How can I have ISP come to my school to assess children for learning difficulties?
ISP asks for all air travel and ground costs be covered. This includes hotel, food, transportation, etc.  Email brad@meintl.org for more information and availability.